5 Things You Should Know Before Opening Your Own Salon

5 Things You Should Know Before Opening Your Own Salon
March 28, 2018

Opening your salon is the culmination of all your hard work, education, and dedication, and it should be a glorious experience. However, it can also feel stressful as you prepare and try to anticipate everything you are going to need. Here are five things you need to know when creating your business plan and preparing to open your salon to ensure future success.

1. Customers want to be comfortable.

Your customers will be sitting in one spot for possibly an hour or several hours, depending on what they are getting done. They want to be comfortable while they are stuck there. When getting ready to open a salon, resist the urge to save money on chairs. Choose a salon chair that is practical and comfortable. Try out a few to see what feels good and figure out ahead of time what your price range is, so you don’t accidentally choose chairs that do not match your budget.

2. Customers want to be pampered.

For some people, going to a salon for beauty services is a special treat they don’t always get to enjoy. For others, going to the salon is a line item in their budget. Either way, they are spending money on services that are above and beyond their necessities. They want to feel pampered while at the salon and after leaving the salon. There are plenty of small things you can do to make your clients feel like royalty while with you. You can offer a coat check, as well as flavored water or mimosas while they wait. You can make the atmosphere more luxurious with plush chairs, soft lighting, and music in the waiting area. You can also ensure that everyone on your staff has the “customers want to be pampered” mindset and treat them accordingly.

3. Customers want options.

Often, customers may not know precisely what they want. Your customer may know how they want to feel afterward or the general look they are going for, but not know what services they need or what is available to them. It is essential to have plenty of options for your customers to choose from, as well as be prepared to educate your customers on what options are available to them. Make sure you train your staff to suggest complementary services when your customers come in, which is a low-key selling technique. You can increase sales without being pushing or overbearing.

4. Customers can be upsold on new services.

Just because a customer comes in for one service, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let them know about your other services. This is especially true for new services. For example, if you are now offering magnetic lashes, you need to let your clients know you are offering them and all the benefits of choosing them. A lot of people aren’t away of how easy they are to use and cost-effective when compared to other options.

5. Customers like specials.

Even if the special doesn’t represent huge savings, customers love specials when it comes to salon services. Offering specials is an excellent opportunity for you as a business owner because once in your salon, you can upsell them on your other services. You can also hold mini-events that include service specials, treats, and an introduction to your new products and services.

Taking all of these facts into consideration, you can create a customer-focused business plan. You can talk to other salon owners about how they handle these five factors and combine their input with your ideas. While it is essential to treat your business as a business, as opposed to a hobby, it should also be fun for you. Bring your personality and flair into every aspect of your business to make it personal.

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