5 Tasks You Should Outsource Immediately

5 Tasks You Should Outsource Immediately
September 3, 2020

As a small business owner in the United States, there’s a lot to consider about how to run your company and what activities your energy should be dedicated to. You can’t (and shouldn’t!) do everything; some tasks could actually distract you from growing your business. Outsourcing certain services can benefit your business tremendously by cutting costs, increasing efficiency, and allowing skilled professionals take care of assignments they are experts in. Instead of wasting your team’s valuable time on things that aren’t your company’s main focus, consider outsourcing these services to help ensure smooth business operations and peace of mind.

1. Accounting Services


Instead of relying on an in-house accounting department to handle payroll, bookkeeping, and other accounting needs, consider outsourcing your accounting operations. It is highly recommended to outsource accounting services given the labyrinth of tax laws and regulations companies have to adhere to. Accounting experts can help you navigate these rules as well as saving you time and money. In fact, the IRS reports that about 40% of small businesses pay more than $800 a year in penalties for incorrect or late filings. A number of accounting firms are available to help businesses handle these tasks and provide the best practices regarding financial information and cash flow. This can be incredibly useful during tax season and if you are not experienced with finance or bookkeeping. Plus, working with an outsourced accounting team can help your business better manage its budget with accurate financial reporting and record-keeping.

2. Information Technology


Information technology support is one of the main services a variety of industries outsource for. Typically, an IT professional is only needed to resolve technical issues or problems when they occur. In this regard, having a full-time IT specialist on-site seems incredibly costly. Consider hiring an IT professional on a freelance or contract basis to handle technical maintenance, computer problems, or other technological issues.

3. Visual Content


Content creation and marketing go hand in hand. Any successful marketing strategy needs powerful content. A great graphic or video can help promote your brand and get your business to stand out. Small business owners spend more than 30 hours per week on marketing tasks, according to a recent survey. This time could be better spent on actually managing your company. And if you are not an advertising or content professional, a poor design or marketing plan could actually hurt your business. So if you aren’t skilled in creating content, then outsource to a company that is. Omnislash Visual provides support for all your visual needs including video production, animation, and graphic design. These content professionals will work with you to craft the perfect logo or promotional video that exemplifies your brand’s message and helps you reach your target audience. More information about their wide array of services can be found at https://omnislashvisual.com/

4. Customer Service


Happy, loyal customers are the key to a thriving business. You need to have great customer service and ensure your customers’ experiences with your company are positive. However, small businesses often don’t have the resources to have a dedicated customer service specialist or team in-house. That’s why outsourcing your customer support to a contact center or call center is a good idea, especially for startups or emerging businesses. Customers typically expect support 24/7, which might not be feasible for most small businesses, but that can be possible with an outsourced customer service team.

5. Administration


An administrative assistant or receptionist helps keeps an office running smoothly. However, hiring an administrative assistant as a full-time employee isn’t always affordable for small businesses. Instead, you can hire a part-time virtual assistant to take care of your administrative needs like scheduling meetings and appointments, answering calls, and handling deliveries and supplies. Though it may be tempting, definitely do not try to do all this yourself, as the day-to-day minutia will get in the way of the management you should be concerned with. That’s why having someone on a part-time basis is a happy middle ground for small businesses.

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