How To Style Your Summer Favorites for Fall

How To Style Your Summer Favorites for Fall
November 29, 2022

As the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to turn our attention to our fall wardrobes. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely ditch your summer favorites. With a few styling tricks, you can easily transition your beloved summer pieces into the new season. Here’s how to maximize your wardrobe and style your summer pieces for the fall. Keep reading to find out!

Layering Is Key


Layering is one of the most practical and stylish ways to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. It allows you to utilize your summer clothing pieces while adapting to the fluctuating temperatures of the fall months. For instance, consider layering lighter summer dresses with chunky cardigans or pairing sleeveless tops with leather jackets for a cool, edgy look.

But remember, layering is not just about adding more items, it’s about creating a coordinated and stylish look. Think about matching colors, patterns, and textures when layering your outfits. Your aim should be to create an ensemble that looks cohesive and put together. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations to find what looks best on you.

Another way to layer effectively is to play with different lengths and proportions. For example, layer a cropped top over a long, maxi skirt or pair a long trench coat with short, wide leg pants. This creates an interesting silhouette and adds depth to your outfit.

Play With Textures

Textures play a significant role in creating a distinctive fall look. The summer is all about light, breathable fabrics, while fall is more about heavier, cozy materials. But that doesn’t mean you can’t combine the two. A silky summer dress can look incredibly chic when combined with a chunky knit sweater or a suede jacket. The contrast in textures can add a visually interesting element to your outfit and elevate your style.

Paying attention to the fabric is also essential when outfitting for the colder season. Fabrics like leather, suede, and velvet not only provide warmth but also give a luxurious look to your outfit, which is perfect for the fall. Pair these fabrics with lighter, airy summer fabrics like cotton or linen for a unique and stylish look.

Finally, don’t forget about accessories. Fuzzy scarves, leather gloves, and wool hats are not just practical for the colder weather, but they also help to add texture and interest to the wide leg pant you may have worn all throughout the summer.

Swap Your Shoes

Shoes can drastically transform an outfit, and they are an easy way to transition your summer pieces into fall. As the temperatures drop, replace your strappy sandals with ankle boots or moccasins. If you’re not ready to ditch your favorite summer flats, try adding a pair of socks for a fun, playful look that also keeps your feet warm.

Consider the color of your shoes as well. While light, bright-colored shoes are a staple for the summer, darker, richer colors are more suitable for the fall. Trading your white sneakers for a pair in black or brown can instantly make your outfit feel more seasonally appropriate. Also, remember that shoes can also add texture to your outfit. Suede or leather boots not only provide warmth but also give your outfit a stylish, fall-appropriate look.

Mix and Match Colors


Cooking up with the right colors is crucial when transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall. While the former is all about bright, vibrant hues, the latter is associated with deep, warm tones. But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear your favorite summer pink top during fall. Simply pair it with fall colors like olive green, mustard, or maroon for a stylish fall outfit.

Mixing and matching different color palettes can lead to stunning outfits. Experiment with different color combinations and find out what works best for you. Remember, as long as the outfit reflects your personal style and makes you feel comfortable and confident, there’s no wrong way to mix and match colors.

Floral prints are typically associated with spring and summer, but they can absolutely work in the fall too. Look for florals in darker colors or pair them with solid-colored pieces for balance.

Accessorize Wisely

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and this is particularly true when transitioning from one season to another. When it comes to extending the life of your favorite summer pieces, the right accessories can do wonders.

For example, a light summer scarf might not provide much warmth, but a heavier wool or cashmere scarf not only keeps you warm but also instantly ups your style game. Similarly, you can swap your straw bag for a leather tote and your dainty necklaces for more substantial jewelry.

Hats are another fantastic accessory to transition into fall. Whether you prefer a trendy beret, a cozy beanie or a classic fedora, hats add a chic finishing touch to any fall outfit while also providing additional warmth.

Wear The Right Bottoms


All the layering, texturing, and accessorizing may fall flat if you don’t pair your summer tops with the right bottoms. Instead of your usual summer shorts or skirts, consider switching to jeans or trousers. They provide more warmth and lend a more structured look to your outfit.

Don’t abandon your skirts completely though. Longer skirts and dresses can still be comfortable and stylish for fall, especially when paired with tights and boots.

A great pair of wide-leg pants can also transition beautifully from summer to fall. Just make sure to opt for a pair in a heavier fabric like denim or wool for the colder months.

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Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a few strategic choices, you can continue wearing your favorite summer pieces well into the cooler months. The key is to layer effectively, play with textures and colors, choose the right accessories and bottoms, and most importantly, express your personal style. Altogether, the transition from summer to fall dressing can be a great opportunity to showcase your style by being creative with your outfits. So why wait? Start experimenting and have fun with your fashion!

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