3 Great Digital Solutions To Improve Your Customer Service

3 Great Digital Solutions To Improve Your Customer Service
March 4, 2021

If you’re a business owner or work in the private sector for a commercial brand or retailer, you’re already aware that customer service can be the single most important element for success. As the business world is rapidly moving, it can be a daunting task to remain current on all the new technology trends, regardless of the industry. Here, we will look at three great digital solutions to improve your customer service, all of which can aid in your communication time and, ultimately, customer loyalty.

1. Voice of the customer program solutions.


Perhaps the most beneficial digital solution in the modern business world is the evolution of Voice of the Customer software, also known as VOC software. This intuitive solution solves one of the most persistent causes of negative customer feedback according to many focus groups — the difficulty in getting a human voice on the voice. With a reputable VOC program in place, a customer who leaves their feedback can be assured that their needs never fall on deaf ears, as the program itself allows each customer to verbalize their issue or needs, then allows your team to gain useful insights from the VOC data for future interactions.

A VOC solution also retains customer data for creating personalized, unique solutions when your customer service representatives return the customer’s call. Also to your benefit, that customer data can be used for text analytics in solving future issues or alerting your team about recurring needs of a common customer journey. With Voice of the Customer solutions in place, you’re able to foster a genuine relationship with repeat customers, making customer or client loyalty all the more assured.

2. Digital Contact Centers and Customer Experience

Last year saw the largest integration of remote employee solutions used in business history. While that could have caused a major issue for commercial brands regarding customer service solutions, the rise of digital call center programs has helped in keeping the customer journey seamless. With a licensed digital contact center application properly installed by an experienced vendor, your customer service representatives can work remotely, while having full access to the troubleshooting information that could come from incoming calls from loyal clients and customers. It also allows for multiple phone lines and easy line switches through an ergonomic digital dashboard.

When properly paired with a VOC program, digital call centers have the unique apply to allow your customer service department to run 24-7, while still providing each member of your team the time to respond to each call accurately and efficiently, with no loss of employee engagement. With the provided analytics from a Voice of Customer data solution, your service reps have all the needed tools for successful customer retention, even while working from home. Paired together, these solutions equal great customer success.

3. Customer service text message solutions.


One of the best practices for service solutions is to try and foresee trends in consumer behavior. While most customers’ expectations include one-on-one interaction with a representative, many times the convenience of solving issues via their mobile device necessitates another solution. For this, you may want to consider integrating a text message program for your customer service team.

Often, the customer or client isn’t quite sure of the right questions to ask in order to get their problem solved, and texting a few keywords to your team can lead to a faster, more efficient solution. Customer sentiment is crucial when considering the options to present for resolution, and having the means to text the proper response via the analytics provided by VOC solutions can lead to much more positive feedback.

If the drive to meet customer needs is your chief concern, and both retention and future customers are at the top of your priority list, then offering this text convenience can be a great help in providing more customer preferences. In general, the options of interacting with a live contact center, leaving information with a VOC strategy, or the ability to text inquiries to your team can all convert a good customer experience into a better customer experience.

Finally, one of the greatest benefits is the effortless integration of a customer survey. Primarily drawn from the analytics of your VOC solutions coupled with the customer data from voice-to-text options, the customer feedback can shape sentiment analysis into a customer satisfaction score, enabling your team to learn from every interaction and customer journey. That learning experience will always guarantee positive feedback and, finally, a healthy bottom line.

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