What Is a Content Calendar?

What Is a Content Calendar?
November 9, 2021

Developing an effective marketing campaign can be difficult, especially in a competitive and increasingly online world. Finding software, services, and other strategies that can increase the effectiveness of your content or campaigns is a worthwhile investment, though many people don’t know where to start. One tool that is growing in popularity with marketing professionals across a variety of industries is the content calendar. Keep reading if you want to learn more about what a content calendar is and how it can help you.

What exactly is a content calendar?


As any marketing professional knows, tools that can help you communicate with your team are invaluable, which is why many companies are starting to use content calendars. What is a content calendar? It’s a type of calendar that marketers can use to schedule and plan when to publish their upcoming content. This can include content for blogs, websites, or social media. A content calendar can be used to track content creation workflow and keep an eye on the publication date of your projects.

There are different styles of content calendars, and which one is best for your team can depend on several factors. Smaller teams with smaller content output may be able to use a simple paper calendar or diary. However, many businesses are starting to depend on more robust resources to maximize the efficiency of their content creation.

Full-scale cloud-based content calendars are a great solution that has the benefit of being easily scalable should your business or marketing team grow. You can even find intelligent content calendars that come with additional features to help streamline your marketing operation.

How can a content calendar help your team?

You may be wondering if a content calendar is worth the investment of time or resources. The reality is that content creation has become a staple of any marketing strategy or campaign. Experts from some of the most respected financial and business-focused publications in the world agree that content creation is absolutely vital when it comes to digital marketing.


Many experts say that content creation is their most effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, it refers to the process of improving your content and your web presence so that it appears higher when people search for keywords related to your company. SEO has become a cornerstone of any effective marketing plan, particularly for online and digital businesses.

Any business that requires an active presence on social media should consider having a dedicated social media content calendar. With the number of platforms to stay active on, coordinating publication times and messaging can be complicated. If your business isn’t active on social media, you may want to consider how a social media presence and social media marketing can be beneficial. Given how much time people spend on social media every day, having an aggressive content strategy can do a lot for the visibility of your brand, company, or product.

Managing the content your business shares both online and off can be incredibly tricky. Social media strategy alone requires monitoring and posting on a multitude of different platforms. Keeping track of the content you create and the publication date you set is a challenge that can become more difficult as your team or business grows. A content calendar is a great way to stay organized and keep your entire marketing team on the same page, even if they’re working out of different offices or from home. If you want to make life a little easier for yourself, your marketers, and your content team, it may be worth investing in a content calendar.

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