Understanding Electronic Access Controls for Your Business

Understanding Electronic Access Controls for Your Business
November 3, 2021

In our world of modern technology and digitalized data, it’s common to have computerized systems looking out for our well-being and safety. Knowledge is so advanced that it can now help us detect who is at our door and capture their presence in real-time. Likewise, it allows us to secure our properties with automated systems that can enhance the protection of an organization’s security. This is where electronic access controls come into play.

What are electronic access control systems?


Electronic access control systems (EACS) are digital network systems that can grant or take away a person’s access to security portals within an organization. They grant access to specific people by comparing the presented credentials against the data saved in the system’s database—if it’s a match, the person will get access to the establishment.

How can access control products help your business?

Access control has become a necessary means of security for businesses all over the globe. They provide a heightened level of security which can minimize the risks within a business or an organization. They allow the building administrators and owners to know who is accessing their building as well as individual offices or rooms, in addition to securing any sensitive information that may be found within the building.

Electronic access control systems can also provide building administrators with security for multiple establishments as well as eliminate and replace lost keys and key cards so no one else uses them while they’re missing. They can also implement a visitor management system to give temporary access to guests that need to enter the facilities or even a parking garage.

How can your staff be protected with access control services?


Moreover, EACS can help protect employees within an organization by increasing their ease of access as well as keeping track of who comes in or goes out of each of the building’s doors. This enables companies to protect their staff against unwanted visitors, who may come into the facilities looking to harm them, vandalize their property, or steal valuable information from them. These systems can prevent data breaches and help detect unusual activity during after-hour shifts.

Likewise, companies can implement contactless entry into their premises and buildings to enhance sanitary protocols and prevent employees from getting sick with easily transmitted viruses and diseases. Doorknobs and elevator buttons can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses, so it’s important that employees remain healthy by avoiding touching such areas in addition to following regular hand-washing practices.

What accessories can be used with access control systems?

As more technology is developed to suit the circumstances within our society and around the world, businesses are choosing to transform their established access control systems into digitalized ones that can be harder to break or breach. Many organizations are implementing their own EACS with companies like Banner Solutions, which provides system design solutions as well as training for their innovative technology.

This technology can include parts like electric deadbolts, locksets, and exit alarms. Additionally, these systems can be complemented with smart key fobs, wireless keypads, electromagnetic door holders and releasers, and magnetic locks for double doors. They can even be used with motion sensors to detect unusual activities in restricted areas as well as electromechanical door operators to automate the opening and closing of all the building’s doors with the right credentials.

Electronic access control systems are widely popular in the hospitality industry to grant access to their guests for specific hotel rooms, VIP facilities, and exclusive lounges and gyms. The service allows businesses to provide an increased level of hospitality as well as protection for each of their guests and employees.

Banner Solutions has everything you need to implement your business’s automated security electronic access control system.

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