5 Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

5 Tools to Help You Grow Your Business
October 16, 2019

From customer acquisition to online communication, various tools can be leveraged by businesses both large and small. Technology plays a vital role in enhancing the growth outlook of a business on a fundamental level.

When it comes to business development and growth, it’s important to have a strong focus on technological innovations. These innovations can help bring about seamless efficiencies that can significantly impact the trajectory of your operations.

You can also focus on leveraging all the tools mentioned below to supercharge your business long-term. These tools optimize the core aspects of your business, thereby giving you greater control and support during peak work cycles.

Employee team communication

Managing employees at scale becomes challenging, especially when workers from across domains come together to focus on a single project. This makes the overall protocol that much more complex, thereby involving the use of a comprehensive team communication tool.

This is exactly where the best online team communication applications come in and offer significant value. They combine cloud-based and mobile-app solutions to allow remote, distributed, and multi-site workers to communicate effectively.

Online background checking services

While growth depends on quality networking, it’s ideal to research those that you intend to partner with. This also applies to any clients or suppliers that you may be working with. Having access to quality public records online gives you the ability to drive growth sustainably.

Otherwise, you may fall victim to fraud or be involved in a problematic lawsuit. Your partner may have prior records that you may not have any idea about. You may also have to answer to the authorities if your identity may be being used by nefarious parties.

That’s why it’s best to conduct a thorough background check on yourself, your partners, and your customers as a policy. Anytime you think about hiring a new person to expand your team, you should conduct a thorough background check.

Omnichannel cloud-based IVR

Businesses need the power of a comprehensive cloud-based IVR tool to engage with customers at scale. The best omnichannel contact center software providers, such as Bright Pattern, focus on robust solutions that businesses can leverage from day 1.

Modern cloud-based IVR tools leverage the power of AI and Natural Language Processing to provide a comprehensive end-to-end customer contact solution. From chatbots to email interactions, all the information is stored within a cloud-based data center, which can be accessed via a web-based UI.  

Marketing dashboard tools

Acquiring customers is the key to having sustained growth throughout the lifetime of the business. This includes online and offline marketing systems that may need to be leveraged from time to time. Whether approaching B2B clients or working with a scale-driven consumer campaign, businesses need the power of a marketing dashboard.

The dashboard serves as a comprehensive tool that showcases relevant information directly to the decision-makers involved. It also brings in data from various components within the marketing domain. Key insights such as SEO growth analysis, consumer reach via social media, messaging impact on conversion rates, etc. can be tracked via a unified dashboard.

Accounting software

Accounting software is one of the most important tools to have as a business owner. It’s critical to maintain a steady log of all transactions, incoming capital, and outgoing expenditure. It’s also important to remain compliant to the laws set by the local and state government, while also maintaining a comprehensive daily account.

You’re also more likely to gain funding or get approved for a loan if your finances are in order. This includes having an accounting software automate many of the core processes that your business leverages. This frees up resources while giving you the information that you need.

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