Innovative Software and Tools to Help Manage Your Company’s Growth

Innovative Software and Tools to Help Manage Your Company’s Growth
October 23, 2020

Regardless of the size of your business, the workload is always increasing. For your company to progress, you have to figure out ways to stay on top of things. At some point, it’s irrelevant how many staff you have on ground — you’re going to need some type of software to help you out.

Automating your processes is always the best move forwards, and you’ll require the most efficient software to meet specific business needs. With that in mind, here are some innovative software and tools to help manage your company’s growth.

1. A Private IPV4 Network


It’s a good idea for a growing business to operate on a private IP address. Besides the apparent benefit of privacy, it’s also a lot safer. In fact, most large organizations consider it to be one of their best practices. Even if you’re not a tech team member, it’s important to understand the basics behind this.

A great way to get ahead of this issue is to get involved in IPv4 auctions. That’s where the online platform IPV4 Connect comes in — it’ll meet all your company needs when it comes to getting a private network. IPV4 Connect is also a trusted seller of IPV4 address space, whether in the ARIN, RIPE, or APNIC region.

This company can help select credible IPV4 address blocks, which is a lot harder than most businesses anticipate. With leading brands like Deloitte and Procter and Gamble as their clients, it’s obvious that they know what they’re doing.

2. ARCORO for Human Resources


Gone are the days where the HR process comprised bundles of paperwork. Using an excellent Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is now more pertinent than ever. If your HR department is still struggling in the trenches, then the article, ‘HRIS Guide: Choosing The Perfect HR Software,’ is a must-read.

Not to sound too certain, but most pointers in the article will lead you to ARCORO. It’s every growing business’ dream come true from managing everything from payroll to employee data. The HR software offered here is the right fit for all scales of business. Altogether, the online platform provides a faster, more streamlined way to manage an employee database, among other things.

3. Mention for Reputation Management


The operating costs of any business are off the charts, so it’s essential to find ways to cut costs. Besides the affordability, using social media as a marketing platform ensures you can reach a broad audience. There is so much to do to keep the business afloat, especially when it comes to startups.

With that in mind, it’s often hard to keep tabs on all the online mentions of your business. That’s where software like Mention comes in. Just as important as customer reviews are the actions your company takes after receiving them. To that effect, Mention will help you stay ahead of both positive and negative mentions. Once that’s under wraps, growing your business will be a piece of cake.

4. Timecamp for Productivity


Productivity is one of the most important economic indicators of all. It indicates the relationship between output and input. Employees who aren’t productive are more than just a drag on morale — they’ll kill any growth your business records as well. Sure, there are many ways to curb lack of productivity in the workplace, but we can assure you that using Timecamp is one of the best.

The software is embedded with a tracker feature, attendance tracking, and productivity monitoring, among others. With this product, your workers can now time their projects and, in turn, boost growth. With that in the bag, your products or services will be out on the marketplace in record time.

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