A Look at Alamos Gold Commodities

A Look at Alamos Gold Commodities
June 15, 2021

Gold mining is an age-old industry that humans have engaged in for as long as people have organized collectively and socially. From ancient times, ounces of gold have operated as a status symbol, in trade and commerce, as well as for religious and other ritual ceremonies.

As a currency, there may be nothing more iconic than the original gold Sovereign, first minted in 1489 in England. And in terms of gold miners, the legendary 49’ers take the cake when it comes to the resiliency of the human spirit in tracking down this precious commodity and building wealth by the strength of your own back and merit.

Modern Mining Techniques


Modern incarnations of the gold industry and gold miners are a little different though. Gone are the antique practices and thought patterns that pigeonhole gold in a way that restricts its value to a singular realm. Gold miners today, like Alamos Gold, utilize the cutting edge of mining techniques and offer their company services as a publicly-traded company that sends out regular investor email alerts and provides third-party access to verify the output in ounces of gold for shareholders. Alamos is a Canadian multinational gold miner producing hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold per year.

The primary sites for production are at the Mulatos Mine in Mexico, and Young-Davidson and Island Gold mines in Northern Ontario. In addition to these three active gold mines, Alamos is working on development projects in the United States and in the Republic of Turkey, most impressively at Kirazli. The Kirazli project is perhaps the most exciting of all gold ventures in the entire world. Kirazli is poised to deliver over one hundred thousand ounces of gold per year, at one of the most cost-effective price points in the entire mining industry.

Investment Grade Assets


Not only does Alamos compete on the world stage for the extraction of hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold per year, but a firm is also a fantastic option for investors looking to buy into a growth stock that also pays a healthy yearly dividend.

Many investors love tacking on commodity options to their portfolios. Ounces of silver or gold bullion, real estate, and growth stock assets are all highly prized among high net worth investors. Alamos (NYSE: AGI) is a highly lucrative option for traders of all backgrounds. Indeed, owning a share of the commodity production as well as or instead of the commodity itself (gold, silver, or platinum ounces, in this case) is a fantastic way to split your market presence and play both sides of the coin, so to speak. Owning shares in Alamos and other highly lucrative firms in the mineral reserve space offer investors a great opportunity to lock in shares of some of the longest-lasting companies on the market.

In addition to Alamos’ position at the top of the food chain among mining companies in continuous operation, the social responsibility that Alamos exhibits is unparalleled in the miner business landscape. Social responsibility is a large part of how AGI operates; by reducing its reliance on chemicals that are harmful to the environment, like cyanide and others, Alamos Gold Inc. is able to protect the world that we all live in while maintaining its status among elite producers of this essential resource for bullion collectors, jewelry enthusiasts, and high tech manufacturing.

Alamos Gold Inc. is a huge player in the North American gold mining space. Think about the firm when approaching new investments during our next rebalancing in order to take advantage of huge dividend returns and a long trending growth stock that never seems to let shareholders down.

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