Old Products Made New Through Innovation

Old Products Made New Through Innovation
July 28, 2021

Humanity thrives on innovation. If cavemen had not invented the wheel, we wouldn’t have cars nowadays. If iron was never discovered, our buildings would probably crumble. If silicon wasn’t mass-produced, only a select group of people would have cellphones and computers. Without innovation, there is no progress, and without progress, there is no life, only stagnation.

Many companies would perish if innovation didn’t exist. Sometimes, we take a lot of inventions for granted that make our daily lives better and less troublesome. For example, we don’t stop to think about how the keyboard was made or about all the effort that was put into lawnmowers so they could keep people’s lawns looking sharp. However, while many innovations go unnoticed, others are widely praised—think Amazon.

Here are some old products that were redesigned into newer and better innovations.



Gold is one of the oldest products mankind uses for their products. Gold has been utilized for jewelry, electrical wiring, art, and dentistry. Today, gold is widely handled in medicines, nanoparticles, and even cancer treatments. All of this is possible through the process of mining gold mines. The Canada-based company Alamos Gold helps bring these innovations to life through mining. Their miners extract hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold every year while being kept safe through state law compliance and safety principles.

Alamos produces gold in a sustainable way and protects its workers through proper safety guidelines. They have gold-producing mines in North America including northern Ontario, Canada (Young-Davidson and Island Gold mines), and Mulatos, Mexico. Alamos Gold Inc. also has development mines in the United States (Quartz Mountain), Turkey (Kirazli Project), Canada (Lynn Lake), and Mexico (Esperanza). Their Kirazli Project provides the Turkish government royalties that can be used for the country’s development. At Alamos Gold, they provide their stakeholders with low costs and continuous growth along with responsible social incorporation and high consideration for the environment.

Gummy Bears


Gummy bears are among the many favorite candies for kids. They are tasty, sweet and sour, and come in all shapes and flavors like green apple and strawberry. Well, times have changed—gummies are now for adults as well. We now have gummy vitamins and hemp gummies for adults made with natural flavors that are produced in the finest labs. Delta North has created the ultimate high experience for adults with their commercial production of Delta 8 Gummies. These tasty gummies come in premium flavors like cherry, tropical mix, watermelon, blue raspberry, and berry. You can now enjoy THC’s effects minus the smell tincture CBD joints or vapes produce with these delicious edibles.

Delta-8 gummies are made with hemp compounds found in cannabis plants that, when processed, result in delta-8 THC. These gummy edibles are packed with tetrahydrocannabinol cannabinoids for a smooth high that most people can enjoy. Like all cannabis products, these edibles can cause side effects such as nausea, dizziness, or seizures. If you’re a beginner, be sure to closely watch your cannabis use to prevent any illnesses. These vegan edibles are the perfect example of how old products like gummy bears have been reimagined into innovative products. They’re available in the U.S. as well as all over the globe through Delta North’s online shop.



Phones have evolved from bulky boxes the size of a spatula to smart devices with touchscreens. For anyone that’s been around long enough, the phone has become an essential item in our lives. They help us contact our loved ones as well as speedily dial emergency numbers. Phones have become a complement to our daily activities. We now carry our wallets inside these phones as digital assets. We also store our sensitive data in these devices like medical records and car insurance information for much easier access.

Many old inventions have been reimagined for our benefit, and now that nostalgia is a trend in our society, there will be a wave of innovations based on old products.

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