How Can Tech Help My Small Business?

How Can Tech Help My Small Business?
March 25, 2020

Considering the widespread use of technology and the imprint it makes on society, technological software and devices can be indispensable to businesses.

Companies that utilize technology to enhance and support their functionality can gain an edge over their competition.

Enhanced Productivity

To effectively implement technology into business operations, companies need efficient information technology (IT) departments. IT teams provide technological repairs, maintenance, and upgrades throughout a business to increase its productivity.

Small businesses can utilize robust technology like the asset management software offered by Asset Panda to augment an IT department’s productivity. Asset Panda created an IT Asset Tracking and Management Platform that’s accessible on computers and mobile devices.

This system equips IT teams and businesses with updated, real-time asset information and enables technology specialists to seamlessly import existing asset data from old asset spreadsheets into new ones.

With a high-powered, efficient asset tracking and management system, IT teams can provide accurate solutions and adequate support to companies.


Improved Marketing

Digital marketing provides excellent promotion for a brand, as it can increase the web traffic to a business site and help make companies more accessible. Prevalent social media and Internet use enables digital marketing to be more efficient than physical advertising.

Small business owners can expand their company’s marketing potential by promoting their brand through social networking sites and media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and more.

Increased Connection

Technological inventions such as the Internet and World Wide Web and electronic devices like smartphones, personal computers, tablets, and more, allow efficient communication and connection among users across the world. Technology can help small businesses through the facilitation of contact between customers and company representatives and between employees and employers.


For instance, through the use of technology, small companies can send newsletters and emails to their customers and target audience. Technology enhances the flexibility of a small company, enabling it to become fully remote while retaining productivity, if necessary.

Digital collaboration tools and online work platforms allow business team members to communicate and work together from their homes or other remote locations, in the event of disasters, illnesses, or crises that make remote working a short-term or long-term necessity.

Optimized Customer Service

In addition to the hard work of small business owners and employees, customers keep a business alive by putting their time, money, and energy into it and being loyal to the brand.

Customers and consumers should be able to rely on companies’ customer service teams for information and assistance. For this reason, small businesses should implement technology that optimizes how they respond to customers’ needs. A structured, proficient call center can maximize a business’s ability to reach customers.

Equipping a company call center with omnichannel communication software, such as that offered by Bright Pattern, can optimize a business’s customer service capabilities.

Bright Pattern created a unique, first-of-its-kind omnichannel communication platform that outpaces the multichannel platforms offered by competitors.

This powerful technology enables company representatives to connect with customers across various communication modes, such as phone calls, emails, live chats, and SMS. Customers can stay connected to one customer service agent throughout a conversation and experience seamless transfers from one communication mode to another.


Bright Pattern, the most advanced contact center software around, collaborated with Salesforce, the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM), to provide customers with personalized experiences.

The Salesforce call center integration allows customers to communicate with companies via their preferred interaction mode, whether it’s text messaging or connecting over social media. This partnership provides IT teams access to the valued data available in Salesforce.

Business owners should do their best to retain customers and increase their satisfaction with the goods and services they receive.

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