Finding the Best Content Marketing Platform

Finding the Best Content Marketing Platform
April 19, 2021

A strong content marketing strategy is essential for any business hoping to succeed at digital marketing. The type of content your brand creates depends on your target audience. The best way to build your brand identity is to produce quality content that will engage your readers and organically increase web traffic.

Managing digital content across various social media platforms is time-consuming for marketing teams. The good news is that there are plenty of content marketing tools that can help content teams produce better content and better manage the content supply chain.

What is a content marketing platform?


A content marketing platform is a marketing solution that helps marketers efficiently and effectively carry out content marketing strategies. Content marketing software features tools that facilitate content creation, optimization, promotion, automation, and analytics. The right platform serves as a central content management hub that seamlessly integrates with existing digital tools and helps campaign managers spend less time creating content.

When it comes to choosing the best content marketing platform, you want a solution that maximizes ROI while increasing workflow. The content marketing software from NewsCred helps marketers plan, create, distribute, and measure the impact of quality content. The platform features real-time SEO data and keyword research, optimization of digital content, help sourcing images and content licensing distribution integrations, and valuable analytics. Your marketing team will have access to a marketing calendar, management of content assets, help to collaborate for streamlined workflow, and project management tools.

Research and Content Creation


Content marketing tools are designed to help with keyword research and provide a business with valuable insights into the use of their website. The right marketing platform comes with tools that help you conduct research and create quality content that will engage users and promote lead generation. This includes optimizing content for SEO and page conversions.

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Content Management and Promotion


Campaign managers need to keep up with both existing and new digital content. A marketing platform can help your marketing team keep content organized for re-purposing and provide useful analytics that provides visibility into the performance of your content. The key to a successful content marketing strategy is posting content on the right social media channels and at the right time. Content management tools come with a calendar that releases content in the optimal places. Automation frees up your marketers to tackle other tasks essential to brand management.

Project Management and Analytics


The larger your marketing team, the more moving parts there are to manage. Content platforms feature tools that help manage the process of content production across content teams. In addition to aiding project management, a content marketing platform collects data that provides visibility into the performance of your content so you can find areas for improvement and better optimize new content.

When determining which platform is right for your content needs, it’s important to consider how each solution aligns with your business and marketing strategies. Make sure the upfront and ongoing costs fit your budget, consider how easy it will be to implement, whether the solution works with existing marketing software, and if the solution is scalable. Read up on customer reviews of each vendor you are considering, and take note of how often the platform is updated.

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