Technical Innovation: 3 Tech Tools That Will Change How You Do Business

Technical Innovation: 3 Tech Tools That Will Change How You Do Business
February 9, 2020

With the increasing prevalence of technology, technological innovation can make or break your business. Incorporating new tech tools into your business model is critical for your business—it can boost productivity and morale among your team, facilitate day-to-day operations, and give you an edge over the competition. But how do you find the right tech tools to help your team work smarter? Here are three tech tools that can improve your workflow and make your employee’s lives easier.



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Your employees don’t just want new tech tools—they want tools that can make their jobs easier and smoother. Finding the best tech tools for your business involves focusing on how you can improve your employee’s lives at work. AlphaPrep, an online test prep app for people studying for network certification exams, can help your employees pass network certification exams and accelerate innovation in your company.

As digitalization becomes increasingly prevalent among businesses, the network infrastructure is experiencing a dramatic change. With many manual processes of operating networks transforming to software-driven network architecture, businesses must focus on supporting these changes and training their IT professionals to embrace the shift.

AlphaPrep provides the best machine learning exam preparation for technical certifications. With its online test prep app, your employees can prepare for their network certification with a CCNA practice test or a CompTIA video course. Regardless of your team’s needs, AlphaPrep provides thousands of test questions to fit each individual’s study style, along with help from live instructors, to your employees one step closer to passing their network certification exams.



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To succeed in the competitive world of eCommerce, small businesses must provide an immediate response to modern consumers. When a customer sends you a Facebook message about your products and services, they expect a response within a few hours—if not within a few minutes—regardless of when they sent the message.

Instant gratification is an expectation among modern consumers, but for small businesses, meeting consumer demand can be challenging without automation software. Modalyst, a dropshipping automation software for eCommerce businesses, can help you turn your eCommerce store into a successful dropshipping business overnight.

Modalyst provides instant access to reputable dropship suppliers across the United States and Europe, so you can add high-quality products to your eCommerce store to meet the growing needs of your consumers. After a customer purchases a product through your online store, your dropshipping supplier will send the product directly to the customer. Modalyst makes it possible for online entrepreneurs to offer fast shipping and trendy products while saving on inventory and shipping costs. To find out more about how Modalyst can help your business build a loyal customer base and offer unique products, visit



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Most human resources (HR) departments perform processes ranging from onboarding and exit interviews to talent retention to payroll. Small businesses can minimize HR departments from becoming overwhelmed with these processes by integrating tech tools to facilitate day-to-day tasks and improve engagement.

With the help of payroll automation tools, you can pay employees and tax collectors accurately and on time without creating more work for your HR department. Automating payroll processes translates to improved employee morale, increased productivity, and more time for your team to focus on the more important aspects of running your business.

Intuit’s Quickbooks features a payroll automation module to help you manage payroll, calculate taxes, and complete necessary forms. Quickbooks also makes it easier for business owners to manage their income and expenses, track sales and sales tax, and import and send batch invoices. In addition to helpful financial tools, Quickbooks also provides valuable insights and business analytics.

Implementing new tech tools into your business might feel intimidating, but choosing the right tools can help make your employee’s lives easier by simplifying their workload.

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