What Kind of Info Goes Into Company Rankings Online?

What Kind of Info Goes Into Company Rankings Online?
November 3, 2020

In the USA today, online reviews are a great source of information when it comes to finding the latest consumer goods, the hottest restaurants, new books, and even medical professionals. Most online retailers, from major e-commerce platforms to independent online stores, enable customers to leave reviews about their products and services. Subsequent consumers then use these reviews to make informed purchase decisions.

There are also company review sites that provide job seekers an opportunity to peek into company cultures. You can find reviews and information from current and former employees, about their overall experience in working for a prospective company. The key to finding useful reviews that you can then incorporate into your job search is knowing where to look.

Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor is a widely known company review site that provides job seekers a great insight into a company. Reviews and ratings are given anonymously by employees, candidates, and ex-employees. You can also find salary information, common interview questions to expect, and an annual list of the best companies to work for, amongst its many features.

Company Pages on Social Media

Checking out a prospective company’s social media pages is a great way to get an idea of its culture. Take a look beyond what they post and see how the company responds to comments and inquiries. Pay attention to the company’s tone and ask yourself: is it friendly, professional, witty, or lacking in personality? Also, notice the response time and how often the company is engaging with readers.


Industry Review Sites

A great way to get a feel for a company’s overall position is to read through industry review sites. How well a company ranks among its peers gives job seekers an idea of its credibility and reputation. For example, Today’s Best Company helps travelers find the best companies selling RV warranty plans. They are industry-specific and therefore are able to reach a more niche and devoted audience.

They choose the best companies based on important factors such as transparency, claims processing, coverage options, customer service, and additional benefits. Today’s Best Company employs secret shoppers to do hands-on research to discover which companies have the most satisfied customers, based on the selection process.

LinkedIn Pages

You can find plenty of data on a company’s LinkedIn page. You can find connections, see employee names, employee career paths, and videos. You can create a profile for free and get a really personal look for a company. Plus, it has no limit on its search feature, so you could apply to work anywhere in the U.S. If you are based in Los Angeles, you could just as easily apply for work in San Francisco, as you could New York. Or if you wanted to, you could even expand your such outside of the United States, and look for work elsewhere in the world.


News Sources

Companies do receive local and national news coverage, especially if there has been a major and recent change, such as a merger and acquisition, downsizing, change in leadership, or change to company structure as they all have a domino impact on the culture. News sources provide important information for your research interests when it comes to evaluating reputation.

Venterra Realty was ranked as one of the 2019 Best Medium Workplaces by the global authority on workplace culture, Great Place to Work®. The mid-size real estate company was founded by Andrew Stewart and John Foresi who saw the potential ROI in multi-family real estate. They founded the company based on core values, that serve as the basis for company decisions, how people conduct both themselves, and business. 95% of the real estate company’s passionate, hard-working employees rated it as a great place for professional development. Venterra Realty has been recognized four years in a row, making it clear that it’s one of the best companies in the United States.


Put It All Together

Once you have gathered information from various company review sites, make a note of any recurring questions that you’ll want to address. You will have the chance during the interview process to bring up any of these questions with the interviewer. Think about what you can get a direct answer to, and what answers require a more inquisitive approach. A company expects that job candidates come prepared for interviews and have taken the time to gather information and query particular research focuses. Always make sure to use an interested and inquisitive tone when asking questions or learning more about the company culture.

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