4 Tech Items Every Student Needs for School

4 Tech Items Every Student Needs for School
September 6, 2018

Technology has made going to school a little easier, and lately, it seems like your student needs every high-tech gadget in order to succeed. Whether it’s Catholic High School, public middle school or private lessons after class, there are a few excellent tools that will help your child and make a huge difference in his or her learning. Here are four tech items every student needs for school.

A Laptop

As schools become more and more digital, computers become ever more important for classes. Some schools will supply students with laptops, but others don’t, which means you’ll need to get your child a computer if you want him or her to stay ahead. The right school laptop should be portable and lightweight, with long battery life. Your student will have to carry it around all day, so it shouldn’t be too heavy in weight. He or she will also need it to boot up quickly in each class and have a good amount of storage. Many teachers allow students to take notes during class, so you might want to give your kid a few typing lessons as well so he or she can keep up during lectures. A good laptop is a must-have tech item for students because it will help them accomplish their projects, connect with classmates, and take notes.

Reusable Notebook

Your student will have to take a lot of notes in class, and if he or she struggles with organization, these could get lost or misplaced. His or her notes could also be completely illegible. With a reusable smart notebook, your child can take hand-write notes and then send them to Google Drive, Slack, or Dropbox. This gives him or her the ability to write notes in classes that don’t allow a laptop but still digitally organize them later without having to spend hours retyping notes. Organization is very important to learn during school because when he gets to college, he’ll have to have a great system for keeping everything in order. Getting him or her used to organize notes digitally is the perfect way to help your child prepare for the future and stay organized now.

Battery Pack

Has your child ever called you from the main office begging for their phone charger because their device died? You can avoid that by supplying your student with a battery pack. The right battery packs can charge phones multiple times before needing a charge themselves. They also come equipped with multiple cables. If your student cares about style, you can find him or her a chic battery pack that looks more like a fashion accessory than a tech one. Equip your student with the tools he or she needs to get through the day and you help create a more self-sufficient young adult. This will help him or her succeed when it’s time to go off to college.

Portable Hard Drive or Flash Drive

A portable hard drive or flash drive is the perfect way to store work that your child is afraid of losing. You can find drives with different amounts of storage, which might help with a specific project or thesis assignment. A portable drive is a little more reliable than a laptop, and will allow your student to work on his or her project on any computer or share the assignment with a classmate. Having an external drive will give your young adult more security and flexibility with his or her work.

Technology is hugely helpful when you’re in school. Equip your student with the best possible tech and he or she will succeed now and in the future.

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