Ways to Encourage Workplace Wellness Post Covid-19

Ways to Encourage Workplace Wellness Post Covid-19
May 18, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has shut down normality as we know it. We’re in the middle of a long period of stress, odd working arrangements, and a push for protecting the public good as a community. Workplace concerns are a major factor in the strain that Americans are dealing with in the current climate and for good reason.

The unemployment rate is shrinking steadily as vaccination efforts continue to chip away at the deadly effects of the pandemic. Yet, the sharp downward spike in employment was the most dramatic in recent U.S. history. This was the natural result of a suddenly shuttered global economy. Brought on by the initial global shutdown of economic and social activity that greeted the entire world just as 2020 was kicking into full swing, its effects are still sending shockwaves throughout everyday life in the United States and beyond.

As a return to life before the coronavirus lockdowns looms on the horizon, it’s incredibly important to consider smart and considerate measures to create safe and welcoming workplaces for those who’ve spent the better part of twelve to eighteen months working primarily or completely from the kitchen table.

A return is something that will take some tinkering and getting used to, but the transition must go ahead, as workplaces are a breeding ground for innovation and collaborative thinking. Take advantage of technology and smart updates in order to make the most of this time of great change.

Workplace wellness begins with mental health and comprehensive insights.


High quality resources like Wellable offer up powerful metrics for long term corporate success as employees begin to interact with one another in person again. This resource is a workplace engagement and employee wellness program with gusto. It offers powerful insights that matter; employees with access to the programs and metrics offered by this firm are some of the most productive in the entire marketplace. The firm has identified three core areas that breed success for company engagement: technology, culture, and physical spaces.

The programs offered by the platform chase after excellence in all three components of great employee engagement while working to promote robust mental health programs and additional features that are intuitive and support the growth and development of the whole person.

Midlife events are particularly jarring during periods of change.


One area in which mental health and comprehensive care meet for excellent results is in women’s wellness additions. The MenoLife app is one such area. MenoLife, a mobile app created by MenoLabs, strives to be the standard-bearer for mental and physical wellness for women experiencing menopause or perimenopause. During the stressful return to office life in this midlife period, many women can easily feel overwhelmed. With an advanced midlife health tool such as those offered by the MenoLife program, women don’t have to suffer through these troubles on their own.

There are dozens of great period tracking apps that help millions of women track their ovulation timing and track exercise, bloating, and symptoms, but a similar solution for women experiencing menopause is a welcome addition to mobile app store lineups.

Making these types of resources available for those who are returning to office life is something that all managerial staff should consider as the tide begins to turn and a safe return to the workplace becomes more attainable. In addition to staggering restarts, shortened days or weeks in person, and greater distance between cubicles or shared workspaces, implementing new technology-driven solutions that make for excellent mental and physical health improvements is a no-brainer. Implement cutting-edge technologies in your own workplace for the greatest boost to morale in this uncertain, yet exciting, time of transition.

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