Be the Boss Who’s Prepared: Benefits of a Backup Generator

Be the Boss Who’s Prepared: Benefits of a Backup Generator
May 14, 2020

Part of the being the boss is making sure your workplace is efficient and safe. One big consideration is making sure you prepare for disasters or other events that can wreak havoc on productivity and operations.

A study from E Source showed that power outages cost businesses in the US over $27 billion each year, and in the batch manufacturing industry, losses reach nearly $150,000 for each facility.

One way to prevent these losses due to power outages is to have a backup power source ready before a disaster strikes. Investing in a commercial backup generator for your business benefits both employees and the company as a whole.

Here are the key benefits of investing in a backup generator.

Eliminate business disruptions.

Productivity never stops when you have backup power. If your main electricity source is lost temporarily, a business doesn’t have to pause. A backup generator provides consistent service so that the devices and machinery your company depends on will continue to function, allowing a business to continue as normal without interruption.

This helps you maintain the bottom line, even in a crisis. Backup generators are thus worthy investments.

Ensure data security.

Much of the equipment you use to power your business depends on saving electronic data. If your office experiences an adverse event like power loss, this data could be damaged or lost forever. The effects could range from financial to intellectual property loss.

With a backup generator, the shift of power from the grid to the generator is seamless, occurring within seconds, so that nothing is lost in the transition. As a boss, it’s important to implement these safeguards so that important company information is protected no matter what happens. A generator solidifies a complete disaster recovery plan, no matter what industry your business is in.

Provide seamless comfort and convenience.

Generators also ensure that optimal working conditions are maintained. Harsh climate conditions require the continuous operation of heating and cooling systems. When normal power sources fail, these necessary utilities may be solely dependent on that electricity.

A backup generator allows every electric necessity to continue running normally so that employees remain comfortable and safe, and products and other stored items aren’t damaged.

If there are freezers or refrigerators on business premises, a generator also ensures that no food waste occurs by keeping these appliances operating in a power outage. This helps keep employees safe and avoids the risk of contamination.

Keep the business connected.

Much of modern business operations in any industry depends on a consistent, continuous internet connection. When power is lost or a natural disaster occurs, web-connected computers, appliances, and machinery lose those connections via powerless routers and modems, and business cannot continue.

Backup generators provide a solution. Power is never lost, so routers, modems, and access points continue to provide service to the network boundary area. Devices can stay charged and connected to the internet without any breaks in service.

Catastrophic events can happen without a moment’s notice. As the manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that productivity continues when a disaster occurs. Eliminate business disruption, protect important data, ensure the comfort and safety of employees, and keep devices connected by investing in a commercial backup diesel generator for your office or company.

When you’re looking for generators for sale UK companies help you explore your options for both residential and commercial diesel generators that help you bring peace of mind to your team. You have a range of options for customizing your specifications to meet the needs of your specific business. It’s never worth the risk to lose everything when disaster strikes, so get adequately prepared with a backup generator.

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