Investing in Gold – An Opportunity for Millennials?

Investing in Gold – An Opportunity for Millennials?
July 5, 2021

Millennials are a new breed of investors. Departing from the old norms of contributing blindly to a pension account and waiting to cash in, young investors are taking charge of their finances with greater vigor than ever before. While many traders are employing data analysis techniques and using technical indicators to make great investment opportunity decisions, many others are still struggling to launch their investment portfolio in the first place.

Gold offers a unique asset class that can really help many beginners get off the ground. Gold bullion—gold ounce coins, ounces of gold bullion, and other physical gold offerings—are a shiny, metallic object that can be physically amassed, giving you the ability to watch as your savings grows before your very eyes. People have been collecting gold for centuries. The gold Sovereign—perhaps the most recognizable ounce coin in production—was first appeared in England in 1489 by Henry VII while looking for a “new money of gold to represent the power of his reign.”

Physical Gold


Gold bullion is a great option for investors looking to add mineral resources to their portfolios. Ounces of gold are an elite hedge against market volatility. With a large enough portfolio of ounces of silver, gold, and other precious metals, you can even finance a variety of unique mortgage options in New York or San Francisco as a borrower looking for a favorable interest rate (in lieu of a great credit score in many instances). New York is a hub of gold-ounce trading activity as well, making it a great opportunity for investors looking to bolster cash flow and asset holdings in gold ounces and other areas alike.

Gold bullion bars and coins (per ounce) provide a hedge to combat stock market pricing, but they can also act as collateral when approaching a lender for a new mortgage. This is great for investors who are trying to finance the purchase of their first home or a buying opportunity that will add real estate holdings to their portfolio as well.

Gold as a Stock Investment


Another avenue for gold investors is the purchase of gold mining companies through the stock market. This is a more cost-efficient means of approaching the gold market for those with minimal investment cash flow. Firms like Alamos Gold offer excellent value for money in this arena. The mineral resources that Alamos Gold Inc. extracts rival any of the most well-known names in the mining industry, and with new leadership from John A. McCluskey, Alamos Gold Inc. (NYSE:AGI) is poised for continued, explosive price growth.

Alamos is a Canadian multinational gold mining firm with a variety of subsidiaries and three active mines in North America. The Mulatos Mine, operating in Mexico is an industry leader in clean energy usage, and the two Canadian mines (the Young-Davidson and Island Gold mines) in Northern Ontario are some of the highest output locations in Northern Ontario or anywhere beyond North America. The gold miner is a serious entrant into the publicly traded world of mining companies, mineral reserves, and technical report analysis.

Alamos provides high-quality investor alerts as well. Alert options from AGI are tailored to the investors’ needs utilizing a simple third-party plugin much like many other investor alert and activation link applications. Yet this isn’t common practice among gold mining companies. Often times in this sector, subsidiaries try to maintain a veil of secrecy around their practices and physical holdings.

Alamos breaks the mold in this way. Extracting hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold is crucial to the continued operation of the Alamos brand, of course, but environmental protection is also featured prominently in the Alamos operations playbook. By cluing in stakeholders to the processes that are maintained at the Kirazli site in the Republic of Turkey, as well as continuous operation in the United States and Canada, uncertainty and speculation about cash operating costs, technical reports, and environmental practices are eliminated.

Gold is a fantastic investment opportunity for younger generations looking to make a mark on their future.

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