Branching Out Into eCommerce? Tools to Help You Succeed

Branching Out Into eCommerce? Tools to Help You Succeed
June 23, 2020

The digital revolution has been impacting the world of business in countless ways. Combined with consumer behavioral shifts as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, that revolution is accelerated in incredible ways, particularly in the way that customers find, shop for, and ultimately purchase products. The internet plays a big role in that, and technology can help you adapt your business for e-commerce in numerous ways. If you really want to reach new audiences and maximize sales, coming up with a useful e-commerce solution is an absolute must. Here are a few tools to help you succeed if you’re considering branching out into e-commerce.

Give your products the professional packaging they deserve.

As you boost more sales and ship things out across the country or even the world, it’s important to safely package your products for shipment. One way to do this is with shrink packaging. Shrinkwrapping your products is the best way to protect them and can fit boxes as well as irregularly-shaped items such as candles or even gift baskets. Perhaps most importantly, shrink wrapping your products helps to let customers know that nothing in the package they’ve received has been tampered with. While you can have a third-party service handle the packaging of your goods for you, it may also be worth looking into investing in shrink packaging equipment to do the job yourself.

Boost your team’s productivity and set goals with the right software.

In order to hit the right sales goals for your business, you need to empower your sales team with the right tools. Beyond having the right software to help with their goal setting, it’s just as important that they understand your philosophy and way of conducting business. An OKR framework, or objectives and key results framework, could be exactly what your team needs to succeed. By properly identifying your objectives, you can give everyone in your business clarity about what you want to achieve and why. Best of all, knowing what key results you’re looking for will help you know that you’ve met your goals.

OKR software can help you keep these goals and objectives front-of-mind in all of your staff members. OKR software helps align each team across all objectives and key results, placing them all in one place. OKR software also offers you the ability to access analytics about your team’s progress, and can even integrate with other platforms you use for your business like Slack and Office 365.

Harness social media to reach new audiences.

As you look to make more sales online, it only makes sense that you look to attract new customers online, too. Social media is one of the best ways to do this, thanks to the versatility of the ad platforms and way you can target different users based on demographic data as well as behavioral data. One of the best ways to showcase your products is by using a carousel ad. Facebook and Instagram’s carousel ads offer you the opportunity to display multiple products in a dynamic way for users to interact with, almost like browsing through a rack at a store on their own. These increase engagement, ultimately increasing sales.

While there’s a lot to master about e-commerce, with the above three tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to reaching new customers and improving your sales. From giving your products a professional edge with shrink wrapping to empowering your sales team to meet their quarterly goals, technology can play a vital role in ensuring that your transition to e-commerce is a successful one. By harnessing this tech, you’ll be sure to improve sales and boost your brand in the process.

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