5 Ways to Increase Church Attendance

5 Ways to Increase Church Attendance
September 11, 2020

Churches are religious centers that traditionally provided an important social hub in communities. People gathered at church to worship, interact, attend weddings, and attend funerals.


As society has evolved, the traditional church role has changed. People can still gather to worship and socialize, and many opt for church weddings. Still, churches now compete with multiple social outlets, other religions, and non-religious organizations that perform similar services. Although church attendance has declined for decades, it is possible to reverse that trend with your church and attract new parishioners using these tips.


1. Add Visual Appeal



Churches often prioritize spiritual needs over aesthetic concerns, but you need visual appeal when you are trying to attract new members. Adding a fresh coat of paint can make a church look welcoming. Plant flowers in beds outside your entrance to add some color. If your facilities are maintained and look inviting, people will be more likely to consider attending your church.


Add a feature element, such as commercial glass doors from a premier glass door supplier, such as CDF Distributors. These visually impressive doors add a modern touch to your building and enable people to see what your church looks like and how you conduct services.


2. Invest in Quality



The attention you give to your church’s resources will affect your reputation. Invest in quality products from leading church retailers, such as Cokesbury. Cokesbury offers several translations of the Bible, so you can choose to use NIV, NRSV, NKJ, or another translation suited to your congregation’s needs.


You can also find worship books, resources for communion services, Advent supplies, choir robes, baptism supplies, etc. When you find a reliable vendor to provide essential resources, you can maintain continuity and ensure your church has the best resources available.


3. Use Social Media


Many people commute to work or shop in large retail outlets. It’s hard to reach people in person or with local flyers and bulletins in stores, but it is possible to promote your church without leaving your office. Social media is one of the most effective promotional tools available. Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to develop an online presence. You can distribute information about upcoming events and connect with parishioners.


Your church can establish a private group on Facebook and use it to distribute prayer requests and news items. Your church can also maintain a public page used to promote services and special events. Engaging with community groups online can also be a way of raising your local profile. Social media is also a useful tool for distributing videos and photographs of previous events, which can pique potential newcomers’ interest. During the coronavirus lockdown, many churches streamed services, enabling parishioners to feel supported and spiritually nourished, even when they couldn’t attend church in person.


4. Community Involvement




Find ways to contribute to your local community. Many churches operate food banks or provide used clothes to people in need. Access to clean clothes can help people who are homeless find jobs.


Your church may also be in a position to meet local needs. If you have a large property, you can partner with local organizations to build a community park or make your fields available to kids who want to gather to play soccer. If your town doesn’t have a large community center, you can make your church available for fundraising events to support local people or organizations in need.


5. Expand Your Services




For many decades, most people have thought about the church as a building for spiritual guidance. Technology enables churches to expand beyond physical boundaries. Use Zoom, Skype, or other communication platforms to provide counseling to parishioners. This can be an effective way of expanding your reach. You can host Bible studies via online communication platforms.


You can also add resource services for your congregation. Start a nursery and preschool program so parents can focus on services. Introduce evening services for those who work different shifts and are unable to attend church Sunday mornings. Providing youth groups and groups designed for young parents can also give individuals the support they need and increase church attendance.

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