Can Having a Criminal Record Negatively Affect My Chances of Starting My Own Trucking Business?

Can Having a Criminal Record Negatively Affect My Chances of Starting My Own Trucking Business?
June 3, 2019

Trucking businesses are important to the supply chain of most businesses. Trucking generally does not require interaction with people, but background checks are required for job applications and some loans alike. Unfortunately, people who have been convicted of serious crimes can have difficulty integrating back into society as a result of prejudice against the possession of a criminal record. Starting a trucking business can be difficult if you have a criminal record under some circumstances, so here is a basic summary of what problems you might encounter in that regard if trucking is the industry you want to get into.

Unfortunately, you will almost certainly have a more difficult time starting a trucking business if you have a criminal record. A criminal record might negatively impact your ability to get a surety bond, which can be a hassle if you need to ensure the safety of your clients. In the case of trucking, a surety bond is a standard practice in most areas and not having one can make starting a trucking company more difficult. Regulations may vary depending on where in the world you live, so if you are unsure of how to proceed you should contact an attorney for qualified legal advice on this subject.

Getting an entry-level position with a trucking company can also be difficult as a result of having a criminal record. While a trucker may not have the same job as the owner of a trucking company, getting a basic trucking job driving a company truck can both get your foot in the door of the trucking industry and give you valuable insight and experience on how to be an “Owner Operator” of a truck later on. People who hire truckers are advised to screen their employees, but since this industry has a turnover rate of 94% you may still be able to get a regular job in this area if you are not outright disqualified from driving motor vehicles. Getting a job as someone who has been convicted of a serious crime may be difficult, but it is likely as hard to get a job in management in the trucking industry as anywhere else; if trucking is your passion, it is worth looking into getting a job in that industry at the very least.

Sometimes, though, the law may disallow certain activities entirely. Depending on the criminal conviction, however, you might also be denied any kind of commercial driver’s license. Most crimes that would disqualify someone from becoming a trucker involve some form of motor vehicle abuse like “using a motor vehicle in the commission of a felony” or driving after having consumed alcohol. Other crimes that might not even have anything to do with the use of a car include charges like kidnapping, murder, and even treason. If you cannot drive a car yourself and you work well with people running a larger scale trucking business complete with fleet management software may still be an option, though this will likely be difficult if you either lack industry experience or cannot get the financial paperwork to work in your favor. 

Finding a job in the trucking industry is not impossible, but it could be difficult. When looking for a job, it might even be prudent to do a criminal record search on yourself so you have a better idea of what an employer might find when they conduct one on you. When talking to people who care about criminal convictions, it will always work in your favor to be prepared and confident so that you can prove that you are worth investing in.

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