Tech to Maximize Your Non-Profit’s Small Team

Tech to Maximize Your Non-Profit’s Small Team
June 15, 2020

If you run a non-profit, you already know how your employees often have to wear multiple hats as a part of their job. Because of this, it’s important that you do what you can to maximize the productivity of each member of your team. There are only so many hours in the workweek, so finding the right tools to boost your team’s abilities can be an incredibly important aspect of optimizing the way your non-profit functions.

With the right tech, you may be able to eliminate a few of the hats your employees wear, allowing you to bolster your mission and find new ways of working that make your non-profit stronger and more effective.

Use SMS to communicate with your constituents

Nowadays, everyone has a phone in their pocket. The ubiquity of smartphones makes them an incredibly useful tool if you’re trying to get a message to someone quickly and efficiently. While this is one of the reasons that email marketing is so effective, SMS messaging is even more likely to get opened and can be particularly useful if you’re trying to provide short, succinct information.

A peer to peer texting platform like the one offered by is the perfect way to deliver SMS messages at scale. You can send short messages to let your followers and supporters know about upcoming events or can even ask for donations. Another powerful feature of Peerly’s software platform is the ability to capture survey data. You can harness this data to gain dynamic insights about different people’s attitudes and behaviors to better inform future work your non-profit does moving forward.

Another benefit of a peer to peer texting platform is that you can interact with anyone who responds to your SMS messages. Although you send your message out to a large group, your agents can then have one-on-one conversations with anyone who may have a question or want more information.

Peerly is affordable, costing only a few cents per conversation, and can even integrate with your non-profit’s existing CRM solution. This makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date and in touch with your organization’s nearest and dearest on their own terms. Not only does this feel more personal than receiving an email, a one-to-one manner of communicating with someone on their own phone makes them feel more important. That sort of attentiveness could lead to an increased donation in the future.

Outsource financial jobs to streamline them

Some of the most tedious jobs in any business involve payroll and accounting. While they might be a bit of a drag and a time sink (especially if you’ve got several other responsibilities), they need to get done. In order to retain your 501c3 status, you need to have an accurate representation of your finances. Similarly, if you aren’t paying your employees in a timely manner, they may wonder whether or not they can keep working for you or count on you for other things as an employer. So, what’s the solution?

Outsourcing certain aspects of your monthly workload can be a great way to boost your teams’ efficiency while still getting important jobs done. Perhaps that means working with a web developer or marketing agency in order to get some creative work done for your non-profit. Using online check printing services can be equally advantageous since it adds a layer of security and consistency to your payroll.

A group like Smartpayables can handle the printing of checks as well as how they’re processed. Just outsourcing to a reliable business like Smartpayables can literally save you hours of your workweek, allowing you to spend your time on tasks that involve real judgment and critical thinking.

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