How to Get a Job in the Mining Industry

How to Get a Job in the Mining Industry
March 9, 2021

Perhaps the strange, disorienting, and outright tumultuous prior year that suffered under the influence of the Coronavirus was a time of deep introspection for you, and you’ve decided that you want to take a crack at a career in the mining industry. Maybe you were contacted by a recruiter from one of those eager recruitment teams already, and this is what got the ball rolling. Maybe, you picked upwind of the tremendously exciting things that have been taking place with Alamos Gold.

For the record, these guys are projected to have operating and investment expenses worth upwards of 3.45 billion, and they’ve also doubled down on their commitment toward sustainability, environmentally mindful practices, and being socially responsible. So, a definite intriguing company to consider working for. But alas, let’s slow down. As with all career changes in life, it’s crucial to run through a checklist of necessary things to consider before you make the big jump as a job applicant, and most important, figure out how you’ll land the job in the mining industry. The hiring process can be quite a whirlwind, so it’s best to be prepared as possible.

Assess what qualifications you have starting.

While the strictness of qualifications for jobs in the mining industry can vary, it’s essential to consider whether you need the Standard 11 induction or basic mining induction. Even if the mining site that you’re looking at getting a foot in the door with doesn’t have these requirements, it can still pay off to come bearing this knowledge so that you and your team members stay safe.

Additionally, even though many job applicants are stubbornly resistant toward the idea of spending more money on racking up qualifications for a job, that very money you spend on adding qualifications to your repertoire can be the difference-maker during the hiring process. You’ll stand out during the interview process and impress the interviewer by exemplifying that marketable go-getter attitude. The more candidate experience you possess, the better you situate yourself for being considered for that next exciting opportunity.

Make sure you’re on time.

Being on time for your job interview can’t be expressed enough. While you’re at it, you might even consider the idea of dropping in for the interview a bit early. During these times, many companies have taken to scheduling their interviews with helpful interview scheduling software. The key to your success from there is to take a look at the interview schedule beforehand and make sure that you know how to log in. The last thing you want to find yourself dealing with is a series of technical difficulties that could’ve been avoided if you’d done a practice run before the day of the actual interview. You don’t want to give those other job seekers a leg up. You want to be the absolute right candidate in the eyes of the company doing the hiring.

Take care of the Coal Board Medical.

Most mining companies require prospective employees to take thorough medical examinations. It certainly makes sense with all the spontaneous, wild moments that can arise in operating mines. With that being said, you can set yourself apart from the pack of other hungry job candidates by completing your coal board medical before you’re even asked to do so. It’s all about showing that initiative in whatever way you can.

We’ve touched on some of the essential things to consider as you go about navigating a career shift into the mining industry. As with trying to lock down a job in any industry, the magic is in your ability to be prepared. Just because a recruiter from a recruiting team contacts you doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook for the interview process. If anything, the time between that conversation with the recruiter and your actual interview is of the utmost importance.

It’s time for you to put together your action plan, accumulate any skills you might need, take any exams you might be asked to take, and lastly, show up ready to crush the interview. With mining still in full flow across the globe, there are many job openings to consider. With some of these tips in your back pocket, you might have your best interview yet.

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