How to Start a Cannabusiness: The Ultimate Guide

How to Start a Cannabusiness: The Ultimate Guide
May 27, 2020

There’s never been a better time to get into the cannabis business than now. The health and wellness sector is booming, and thanks to new laws surrounding marijuana and other products like CBD oils and vapes, there’s a renewed interest in using marijuana for a variety of medicinal and recreational purposes.

From helping people deal with anxiety, insomnia, and depression to helping chronic pain sufferers lead more comfortable lives, there are a wide number of reasons why people seek out cannabis products to become healthier by natural means. If you’re thinking about starting your own cannabusiness, here are some things you’ll definitely want to keep in mind.

Retain a professional lawyer

If there’s one thing you’ve probably realized about cannabis laws in the United States, it’s that things are constantly shifting. While the FDA has evaluated some products and done less research on others, states are often passing their own legislature that either fits in with or goes against federal regulations regarding medicinal and recreational marijuana. All of these complexities can pose a big risk to your business when you’re counting on sales from cannabis products to help cover your bills and mortgage. It’s for these reasons that retaining legal counsel from someone who specializes in cannabis law can be instrumental to your company’s success. With a team of legal professionals on your side, you’re bound to know how to easily navigate any changes in the legal system.

Secure funding to sustain your business

Having working capital to actually run your business is crucial no matter what industry you’re in. After all, if you don’t have money to invest in products, you’ll probably have problems making any sales! Cannabis products can have a particularly expensive supply chain, so if you’re just starting up, it might be difficult to launch your business without an extra infusion of cash.

That being said, not all lenders may be comfortable lending to a business that’s going to be selling marijuana products. As a result, it’s important to find a lender like Bespoke Financial which specializes in Colorado cannabis business loans, as well as loans to companies in other states where marijuana has been legalized. With money in your business’s bank account, you’ll be able to make the effective, ambitious decisions to build your company.

Use digital marketing to your advantage

Nowadays, and especially because of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, more and more people are spending their time online. As a result, digital marketing has become an increasingly important aspect of any business’s marketing strategy. Watching various live streaming events has also become a popular way for people to spend their time, and it’s a medium that your company could use to its advantage in order to set its brand apart. Finding a team of experts who specialize in live stream production services is a great idea if you really want to differentiate yourself from the competition. From offering superior image quality to improving the sound and listenability of your live stream, it’s better to hire professionals to run your live streams rather than trying to do it yourself.

Clearly, there’s a lot more that goes into launching any business than just the three points above; however, those broader topics serve as an important checklist to consider if you’re really serious about running a successful company in the cannabis industry. Lawyers and a business loan can form the foundation for your business from a legal and financial standpoint, ensuring that you’re always able to operate and serve your customers. Digital marketing can help you reach new customers and retain existing ones while also broadening your footprint. Taken as three parts of a larger whole, the above concepts can help you forge an incredibly strong business selling marijuana and cannabis products.

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